Juan cuba
vocals, composition &
rhytm guitar
The day emerges in a stupor of unveiling musical dreams
colored by
Deep Purple
Revealing my anxious need to embark on that acid
yet ideal
Mixing in --without even meaning to--
this Latin American world,
rooted in flavors that taste of Tango, Pasillo and Son,
which guide me in a universe
populated by
Silvios, Pablos and Joan Manueles.
I walk on the paths of
which speak of my own experience
grafted in a new place and a new reality.
Awakening in me a love for the obscurely sublime,
as I slowly unravel the involved poetry of
Vallejo, Neruda and Benedetti.
Sharing the stories of the night
over a glass of wine with Sabina,
I get involved in a change of consciousness
held by the certainty of a fragile male nature that pushes
violence as a form of power and control.
I get distracted in a
Bunburi like cult to individualism
but keep a semi-open third eye as I take in the urban
shamanism of
To be continued…

Juan Cuba is the front man, singer and composer of los
nadies.  He is originally from Lima, Peru.