josé vergelin
drums and percussion
originally from mendoza, argentina, josé has been
playing music most of his life.  formerly with karajo,
zudaka and santero, he now lays down the beat with los
nadies. a filmmaker by trade with a recently completed
MA in consciousness studies, his passion is getting
closer to the truth, whatever that may be.

his eclectic influences include latin american folklore,
brazilian and afro-cuban music, progressive rock,
zeppelin, elp, argentine rock: leon gieco, serú giran, la
máquina de hacer pájaros, mexican bands like jaguares
and la barranca and world beat including indian, african
and middle eastern influenced grooves…

“i love getting in that space where you are in the flow,
playing in harmony and perfect synchrony with your
friends, creating something that touches your soul and
moves you to feel the light….
On the other hand, I'm also convinced that artists have a
responsibility to help the society to look deeper,  
whether it's in the social arena, spirituality, politics or
anything else; and that's why  I love making music with
los nadies... there is a balance between
personal expression and communicating something that
is fun yet meaningful."